Sunday, 17 July 2011

Albanian music videos.

A lesson afew weeks back provided me with...interesting thoughts. Mainly of Albanian's rapping with guns. And how totally low budget their music videos where. I mean REALLY low budget.

It kinda shows that your love for the music you vision is what counts I suppose...the scary thought being that we will be working on a far lower budget than these guys. Also learning that even a high budget doesn't make a good music seen with Janet Jackson+ Micheal Jackson's Scream video by Mark Romanek, or more a high budget music video doesn't make a bad song sound any better I suppose.

They key thing with budget is that the stars obviously have an image to fuel, a kind of..state that people expect to see...An artist uses that video to kick that image into gear- so it doesn't really matter about budget...unless you want that image of course...

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