Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Devo- Freedom of Choice

Year: 1980
Genre: Synth pop

The unique stylings of Devo

Devo formed in 1973, focusing on more punk styles, but as with most bands their sound changed to a more syth orientated sound.
They appear as the bald men in the video.

The bald men.
The opening shots show some skaters, red and blue getting ready, putting on helmets. At 0:15 we have the skaters going down a half-pipe two at a time, blue to red, with some smoke blocking the view. before they hall collide in Orange smoke, clearly placing this video as a concept video- which becomes far more apparent as the video goes on. At 0:38, five bald men appear at the bottom of the screen with the letter De-vo on their tops, by today's standards very badly edited in. They then float upwards with arms raised singing with the song, adding a slight preference aspect to the song, with a nice close up at 0:56, very odd by today's standards.

Then we flick to a man in a dog suit on a leash, two bones beside him, held by men dressed in roman attire, to correlate with the lyrics as he finds two bones, goes in a circle and dies as the men in roman attire mouth the lyrics of the song, whilst the bald men pop up again- I think it's meant to be some comment on the politics of the time- but that's not an area I'm all too good with, this video is clearly a budget production.
At 1:30 we go back to the skaters going around in a long shot to get the full perspective on thier movement. Then at 1:36 another close up on one of the bald heads lip syncing with the video as the the head leaves showing a blue background with patterns looking between a gun and a grenade- his head taking up the lower portion of the screen.

At 2:03, we have doughnuts forming a V done in stop motion I would assume. With the bald men popping out of the doughnuts, as one of the romans eats one and in a close of of one of the bald men he puts one over his eye, before eating it and floating off, taking us back to the scene with the man in a dog suit at 2:28.

only this time the dog tries to break free. After that the skaters all go into a 'clsoing' down sale, skating in whilst them all come out in uniforms, with the bald men appearing at the side of the screen. As the men in uniform point, people turn into one of them.

This song seems to be about how freedom is constricted, to appear to be freedom- as with the dog and his bones, he can only choose one of the other- nothing else, or the bloke choosing a grenade or a gun- the skaters being red or blue.

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