Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Filter- Hey Man, Nice Shot

Director: Kevin Kerslake

Filter, initially form as an off-shoot from Nine Inch Nails guitarist Richard Patrick (slightly upset he had no creative control over NiN content. Also brother to the second terminator Robert Patrick) Their first single was seen as somewhat controversial following the wake of Kurt Cobains suicide. Following 9/11 the song was placed on a list of inappropriate songs in a Clear Channel memo. 
The song itself relates to the suicide of Budd Dwyer a U.S politician who shot himself live on T.V in the 1980's.

The video is mainly performance based, with some nice colour play, which somewhat reminds me of the (unintentional) color editing in Joy Divisions 'Love will Tear Us Apart'
The colors main seem to be going over saturated throughout and the video itself features zoom-ins and close-ups that focus on the singer and guitarist. The use of smoke in the first shot equates to the lyrics 
'Now that the smokes gone, and the air is all clear...'

Several shots seem to blur out and we have some extreme close-ups , especially at 1:03, where the camera seems to travel up the bass. 
As the chorus hits, the blurs seem to hit in time with the musical ques and as the singer sings
 'A man has gun..' 
The camera also begins to shake at this point, giving it quite an earthquake effect.
The video mainly consists on band shots interwoven with single shots of the band members.
The colour palette mainly consists of strong colours, greens and reds seem to be the focushere

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