Wednesday, 7 September 2011

How the music industry evolved..

Copyright wasn't that much of an issue twenty years ago- but with the internet and Personal Computers this has become much more of an issue. 

It's now way easier to access all the music an artist has done and have it on your computer; for free, within moments. This costs the music industry huge amounts every year, increasingly artists are having to rely on the live aspect to make any serious money.

So what about things like Spotifiy? Clearly a program used as damage control and very popular with most people it provides easy access to a huge music library without downloading a single song. It uses streaming to get the music to your computers, it does however require a monthly fee to get the best service it still offers a free 10 hours every month, but just how much does the artist actually get?

Sorry about the quality of the image 
Asyou can see from the graphic above they won't exactly become millionaires through Spotifiy or other streaming services. 

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  1. Misleading post title; this is a brief post about spotify?


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