Monday, 12 September 2011

Limp bizkit- Rollin'

Limp bizkit are an american band formed in 1995, it was their third studio album that launched them to success in 2000-Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.
The video is a single from that album; couldn't find the director on this one either, it was filmed ontop of the world trade centre (south tower) so you could say it's kinda relevant 

The video opens with a car driving through the streets and stopping, with a cameo from Ben Stiller as he throws the keys to the singer, after that he gets the wise idea to go take the car for a ride, and that's when the music kicks in. When then have panning shots of new york at night- then cutting between the night shots and shots of the singer running his hand along the car bonnet. We then go to several performance shots, in different locations, like on a helipad in NY at night or in a room with disco balls and dancers, of which the video features several. It also features the singer picking up more people with a wide range of 'interesting' driving styles. 

the video ends with the singer returning the car- as you can tell the video is a censored version of the song. 

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