Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Linkin Park- New Divide

Year: 2009
Director: Joe Hahn
Genre: 'Rock'

New Divide was a song specifically made for the film Transformers 2. Linkin Park are a 'rock' band created in 1996. They hit big time with 'Hybrid Theory' in 2000.

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href="">Linkin Park - New Divide (Official Version) from href="">Peter Navell on href="">Vimeo.

A performance shot
of the band
The opening few shots are of darkness and what looks like a slight orange smoke, the video was made to promote the film 'Transformers 2' as part of a huge marketing campaign, as such the audience would once again be male youth (15-24) who are interested in the film, or fans of Linkin Park to entice them into the film. Their song also featured in Transformers 1. The video itself features shots from the movie. At 0:03,the singer appears in CGI effects to look like fire at 0:12 the video turns to blue looking more like water- providing a contrast between the two different colours. In the background at 0:16 we can see in the background some schematics of 'transformers', it's a song made specifically for the film-at 0:20 we go with special effects into a shot from the  film. The video is primarily a performance based one.

The music video even takes place in a location mentioned in the film. According to wikipedia the music video makes use of thermal cameras to help with the effects.

The video was packaged with with the film on DVD- basically the song is just another form of promotion for the film; appealing to the films many fans. 

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