Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ministry- Revenge

Ministry formed in 1981 with Al Jourgensen, starting as a synth-pop group(the joys!)....before moving onto 'heavier' pastures. The band retired in 2008 after 27 years preforming...then came back in 2011.

This song is from their first album 'With Sympathy'. This album is a whole different sound to the later stuff. unfortunately I couldn't find a director on this one!

A close up of the singer, lip syncing 
The video opens with a quick close up of a police siren, inter-cut with blurred footage. A chalk outline of a body is seen too, quickly, shots of police tape. The colours appear to be very vivid- although that could be put down to a low-res video. The video was clearly made on a budget several shots, some on a high angle from the top of a set of stairs, with him looking up to show almost a sense of vulnerability. 

A women then comes down the stairs as the guy at the bottom looks up in shock. 
The whole idea 'seems' to be concept interlaced with some performance- there seems to be a theme of 'electric' with the singer being near it the light bulbs in the shots or in the background. 
The video itself focuses on the singer with the band not being seen at all in the video, which fits with the more synth pop vibe to the video.

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