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Nine Inch Nails- March of the Pigs

March of the Pigs
Director: Peter Christopherson 
Year: 1994
Genre: Industrial/ Rock
Audience: 15-24 (24-35)

Nine Inch Nails, as I've already explained, are an industrial band formed in the late 80's. I've already looked at another of their videos (Perfect Drug) but this is a very different video to that. From their main big hit album 'The Downward Spiral' which itself is a concept album that follows a character who, depending on how you see it, destroys God and becomes maddened with power- before killing himself. There was one song called 'Just Do It'  Which the producer Flood didn't want on the album for obvious reasons. This video is literally a one take performance video, with various camera zooms. It uses the version of the song recorded there rather than overlaying it with the studio version of the song.

Nine Inch Nails: March Of The Pigs (1994) from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

An example of the studio
+ Attire
The video begins with the camera just moving about, focusing on Trent Reznor wearing some hideous looking attire, kinda gothic- certainly quite edgy for the time. Then at 0:09 the music kicks in and the camera begins to focus on the drummer, also wearing leather trousers. Reznor appears very violent in the video, with the mic stand- putting a fair amount of emotion in there, swinging his mic stand into the drum kit at about 0:38.

The camera frequently zooms in and out- trying to keep up with the pace of the song. At around 1:20 Trent Reznor gets closer to the camera, singing directly to it. while at about 1:36 a woman is seen replacing the mic stand that he threw away. 

The audience of this would be very niche, definetly not very mainstream in sound aswell and their attire reinforces this; it was made for a clear audience probably male and 15-24.
Once again the attire follow's what's common for the industrial genre (black/dark clothing, long hair, males, leather EVERYWHERE), but it doesn't follow the video style set by previous videos, being a single take music video, which is very uncommon in general. 
There does however appear to be a focus on the lead singer which is VERY common for industrial. 
Because it's all filmed in one take it uses multiple zooms and pans of a single camera so you get lots of camera movement which makes the video appear to be very low budget and gives the impression of a very underground band, although the fact that the band appears is fairly unusual for nine inch nails as often the band only appear very minimally in the videos as Reznor often has full control of the music and look of nine inch nails.  

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