Friday, 30 September 2011

Pitch Idea 1: Nine Inch Nails- Metal (Unreleased remixed version?)

Best image ever?!
The released version is far too long to be used suitably for a music video at 7 mins. It's a cover of the Gary Numan original; who has appeared live with Nine Inch Nails to preform 'Cars' in 2009.

So the original track is very sci-fi orientated- inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick, a very renown sci-fi author of books such as 'Do androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?'- which did, in fact, later become the epic 'Blade Runner'

But That's all background stuff- fun to know but not all that useful; what's key here is what? Why and How?

So my idea for this one is more the way everything is becoming so 'Americanized' ( yeah that's a word) similar to David Bowie's- I'm afraid of Americans in themes- hence it would be more concept- showing children glued to the TV with eyes glazed over or teens hunched over computers (nothing odd there?)
The video would mainly focus on the lack of human interaction and they way people want to be something they see on TV- 
The lyrics 'In the building where they make us grow' we'd go to a school setting, pupils all wearing the same all silent and unflinching staring at the whiteboard as if it where a TV- relating to earlier shots. 
Inter-cut with lip syncing of someone in a shadow-y room with some one frame shots of someone totally freaking out- as typical with certain industrial bands i.e Ministry just something as- so fast you don't get a proper look- this would lend itself to multiple views.
It's a great solid track and Trent Reznor is a known advocate of 'remixes' hosting his own NiN remix site. It's also much shorter than the original NiN cover, but why bother with a cover?
Well to modernise it, give it new air. The cover was never released as anything big, instead falling onto a remix/ B-style disc called 'Things Falling Apart' which was pretty well- panned critically.
I have a strong idea for it, which obviously helps a fair amount, it's something that wouldn't be too hard to do as a student- but it would require a fair amount of people including kids- but I have a little brother and sister who'd be perfectly capable of doing it (resources!

With a camera? 
Well it'd be a fairly artsy video- obviously no shots are set in stone but it'd be a great video to show off a wide range of shot types- the long shots of the school- preferably at around dusk (might be issues there- but we'll work around that, fun times)

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