Thursday, 1 September 2011

Strata- The Panic

Year: 2004
Director: Not found
Genre: Rock

Strata where a Californian rock band who broke up early 2008, because the singer wanted to move onto other things- forming 'The Electric limousines'. They also featured on The Punisher (2004) soundtrack. 

Strata - The Panic
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The video is mainly a narrative with a mix of performance and narrative with the same narrative taking place over and over again but with a different spin on it every time. The whole video is set in the same area- there seems to be a man hiding, someone stealing a bike and a waitress spilling a drink based on what happens. the video changes several times throughout, the song opens with the motif 'Every Second changes everything' with a sped up scene, and a child dropping a coin into a fountain  in slow motion whilst everyone around him moves at full speed.

We then go to a cafe, and the waitress serving a coffee. An artist drawing an image of the scene. 

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