Sunday, 11 September 2011

UNKLE- Burn My Shadow

Director: Miguel Sapochnik

Unkle, are a British group formed in 1994. They are known for varying different sounds, the frequently work with other artists to create the best sound, for example Josh Homme, Richard Ashcroft, Thom Yorke and for this song Ian Brown.

Burn my shadow-Unkle from wanserr on Vimeo.

One of the many close-ups in the
Here is a narrative video, a man wakes up; a mess of items all over, indicating some sort of disrepair in his life. The opening shots clearly establish the mess, bottles and cushions lying all over the floors as the camera pans- the initial shot of a TV left on. We then see a man in bed, stirring slightly, shots occurring in time with the song.  

The timer on his chest
We see one fast glimpse of a broken photo, indicating some broken down relationship in the past or hinting at it. The main character we assume must be this guy, he's the only person in the whole video. We see him go through a morning routine, putting toast on, washing his face, with close-ups on each. When he checks his face in the mirror he realises something is stuck onto his chest,  as the music kicks in, it becomes slightly more frantic, we also hear some diagetic sounds, of the man screaming when he tugs on the wire. 

The following section features more medium shots, with cuts of close-ups as he frantically dials the phone for some form of help- but is unable to vocalise what's wrong- all the while the timer ticking down. 

He assumes it's a bomb trapped inside his chest. He can't get hold of anyone and such goes through his apartment and tires to find help outside. When he hears the phone ring but can;t find it, searching frantically he picks up but just misses the call. He's in the last minute at this point, with seconds ticking down he gathers up his belongings.  

As he walks outside the camera gently pans down in slow motion as he walks, dropping things as he goes along (like the broken picture) until he reaches the end of the balcony, but which point the timer hits 15 seconds and he's dropped everything. Until this point most of the shots have been close ups or medium shots, but as the video draws to a close we have a long shot as the man stretches out his arms- waiting for the bomb to go off. A close up as he opens his eyes...the timer stopped- but as the toast pops up- the bomb goes off.

And as a bonus he's the 'making of' video to enjoy!

The Making of Burn My Shadow by UNKLE_UK

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