Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wheatus- Teenage Dirtbag

Year: 2000
Genre: Rock

This was 'the' song for wheatus that made them big, they've never had quite as big of a hit after and have for the most part faded away. This music video is mainly preformance with shots from a highschool narrative, clearly painting the core auidence as teenagers.

The first shot shows someone falling asleep- before going to a ripple transition to signify that what occurs in the video is a dream. At 0:11 we get the first performance shots, with med/ long shots of the band preforming the song in a school gym before going back to the dream- the protagonist of the video is a stereo-typical 'highschool looser' , as his bike gets hit by a car by the boyfriend of the girl he likes. As she walks past, we have a slight slow-mo shot to show where his focus is- on her, not his bike. We have various shots of the guy struggling his way through the school corridor. On a note about censorship, we're allowed
'her boyfriend's a dick'
But we aren't allowed to listen to
'he brings a gun to school'

A close up of the girl
in the hallway
As these lyrics are being spoken the protagonist is in the hallway , at 1:30 again catching the sight of the girl, he looses all focus and promptly gets flattened by the girls boyfriend. The highschool jock. The video is filled with stereo-types and as a usic video it work- because that's what the song's about, although I woul say it's presenting teenagers as maybe abit too 'one dimensional' characters. then again Teenagers are the core audience for a video like this and were the core when the song was released ten years ago.

At 2:30 we switch to a darker setting, it's prom night and the band are playing and the protagonist is sitting alone; when he girl appears to come towards him with 'two tickets to iron maiden' with a medium shot on her.Then we have a quick montage of the preformance shots before going back to them dancing as a disco ball drops- the gut wakes up from his dream.

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