Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pitch Idea 2: Ministry- Everyday is Halloween (leather strip remix)

So here's a fairly old song- but I'll get straight to the main 'issue' here this remix is the shortest 'good' version of the song I could find and even this it pushes 5 mins so it's looking highly unlikely.
However Ministry did remake the sound at 4:30mins- but it has a much heavier theme to it and IF I did a video on the song it'd rely heavily upon the lighter theme of the earlier versions.

So what is the idea then? 
Well it involves getting seriously weirdly dressed up, it'd be a play upon the way/ current trend, wherein recent artists have taking to dressing in totally 'absurd' ways (Lady Gaga?) so this song would be kinda a new take on that- with some serious dressing up going on and some plays on stereo-types to help get it into a much more modern audience group (15-24).

It'd feature some fairly strong use of lip syncing with maybe some small narrative of someone who dresses up weirdly to fit with some weird trends in or rather to stand out from everyone else..either way I think that it'd be a very catchy video to do so why not?

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