Thursday, 10 November 2011

BH- A brief History of the Genre/Artist in Genre

Industrial began as early as the late 70's as a new wave of experimentation, with the advance of technology it became easier for the use of electronic sounds. The coining of the phrase 'Industrial' came from the founding of 'Industrial Records' by early industrial band Throbbing Gristle with the phrase 'Industrial music for Industrial people'.
Cabaret Voltaire 
Of course the genre can draw its roots from Punk, Electronic and generally very Experimental music. With this we can gather that Industrial draws from a wide range of genres coming together. Cabaret Voltaire feature heavily in the early industrial scene, creating loops, physically cutting up the tapes. 
With the 70's drawing to a close, came the rapid expansion of the industrial scene into other countries it began with more and more artists picking up on this new sound- more electronic, more making music out of sound almost- with the use of samples.  With the event of the 80's the whole genre became more and more focus on the 'computer' sound of the effects and we began to see more and more offshoots appear as the genre gained a wider appeal however it did, for the most part still remain underground. We saw heavily controversial arise to attack what they saw as a very over commercial scene- Skinny Puppy releasing music videos intended to shock and cause controversy- hence sealing them as an underground band. Ministry also cropped up around this time as another offshoot of industrial (Industrial Metal) featuring very controversial lyrics often political- indicating another hallmark of the industrial genre- difficult lyrics tackling everything from personal issues to highly political issues.  

With the late 80's we have the rise of Nine Inch Nails who, although Trent Reznor has never claimed to be an Industrial artist, it was Pretty Hate Machine the first commercial release from Nine inch Nails that broke into the mainstream with great success. However that has been described as more SynthPop rather than a fully Industrial record. It's around the early 90's that we began to see the evolution of the Industrial genre into yet another iteration led by Nine Inch Nails who.....


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