Friday, 11 November 2011

BH- Codes and Conventions

The Industrial genre is very full of lo-fi music videos, intentionally low quality. For example Ministry- Stigmata, Nine Inch Nails- March of the Pigs or Carbaret Voltaire- Sensoria.
Another frequent idea seems to the distortion and this fits with the lo-quaity feel of the video its often intentionally looking worn down or with frames appearing to be broken and damaged. This gives way to the whole 'underground' feel/image of most industrial bands. Often the videos have inserted frames/ or something flashing up on screen.
So what 'type' of video (under Goodwins theory) do industrial music videos generally follow? 
Well more often than not they seem to be high in concept and again high in performance (something shared with the Rock genre) there aren't really all too many narrative videos- maybe some aspect of it but never really all too many entirely narrative videos.


  1. I've spoken to harry and kyle: all three of you need to to evidence examining ten examples from the genre and your own individual summaries of the conventions of industrial vids for monday; you should then combine as a group to produce a vodcast, using some of the stills generated from your analyses and/or actual clips from vids
    you could also collaborate on an annotated vid: pick one all 3 agree is very typical and add your own annotations (once you have the file to upload)

  2. I remind you of the earlier comment
    Post title: 'BH- Codes and Conventions' ...of what? How would a reader know what this is about?


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