Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BH- The editing process/sample two

example of editing
The editing process on the video is one that's been through one, the sample footage measuring approx. 34 seconds.
The editing was more  fast paced than before which meant that we had to cut 10 mins of solid footage into around 34 seconds. The pace was very fast which meant that we had some issues with the amount of footage recorded but obviously with more footage we can afford to do some longer takes. The screen of final cut (left) is a neat example of how we created the video footage effect, combined with total desaturation. Also notice the frame around the footage which we dragged out to tighten the framing on some shots where the framing would detract form the image. Overall to get the 34 seconds- the editing must have taken around 7 hours overall to generate the desired effect. Of course to create the sample footage we exaggerated the special effects somewhat so that the more FX side of the video is on display, in the final video we expect the effects to come in somewhat more gradually rather than seemingly random- and create a much more even balance between the FX and the pure video footage.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Group- Up and coming tasks

So with the Filming still underway we have separated the remaining tasks up between us
Ben: Filming.
Harry: Mag Ad.
Kyle: Digipak.

With the key goal of having all those done before the 27th of Jan or at the very least a bulk of the work done.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

BH- Filming

Well like many, many things- it didn't go quite as planned. The filming had to be hugely cut down for what was originally planned and done over two days rather than one with nowhere near enough footage filmed. but with what we have I do think that we have enough to create another sample and thus give the audience a rough idea of where we're going next with the footage.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

BH- Examples of digipaks 1

The Beatles- Love

The cover is stylised as to have the members of the Beatles as orange silhouettes coming from the title
love- which is surrounded by an orange outline. This gives it a comic book art style.

The background, made up of orange swirls and the generally textured look to the cover give it a very 'retro' feel which is appropriate for The Beatles. The warm colours are also indicative of the genre, the light colours would seem to signify psychedelic-rock.


The rear of the digipak is essentially the same kind of image only with more orange textures. Also all the copyright notices and credits appear here. Something to note is the lack of song titles on the rear. This would
indicate that the band are fairly big and that the audience would know  what to expect from the digipak

Here we have the track listing on the inlay
we have the track listing here too, which appears to be fairly extensive, we also have a continuation of the art style, only with the band members being much a much lighter shade- which contrasts with the second CD which features darker band members, but essentially the same image. 

The second inlay appears to be essentially the same but only with slightly different textures and the CD cover, a
darker colour.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

BH- Casting continued.

So the feedback we recived for our sample footage clearly indicated that there was an issue with using a young looking protagonist- it didn't fit in with the genre was one of the main issues raised. Obviously we're trying to cater to two different audiences with our video.
A) Re-brand the NiN band to better fit with a modern audience (youth 15-24)
B) Appealing to the older NiN audience- the established fan-base
who have been listening to NiN since the late 80's.

So to do this we thought that our casting had to be reviewed carefully- how we could get our casting to better reflect the video theme.

Checking through we've decided to cast my Uncle in the role....
He's older and thus would appear better in the video- but not so old as to alienate the younger audiences.
He suits the role too with Black hair and stubble- thus making him near perfect for the video.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

BH- filming

Tonight we are filming in two of our three locations; the school and around Ikley which would leave only Bradford to film over the weekend so that hopefully we can spend next week editing a first full rough cut
of our music video and have it edited for the Friday in a fairly  complete form.  


Our casting update has meant that this has changed, along with some locations.
Obviously this is a set back but we, as a group, think that this would greatly improve the quality of the video.

BH- Mark Romanek

Mark Romanek has worked with Nine Inch Nails on two music videos, such as Closer & The Perfect Drug, both of which where high budget videos and Closer was one of the more prolific videos for Nine Inch Nails courting a fair amount of controversy because of the nudity and the depictions of a monkey on the cross (obviously relating to the religious connotations).
Reznor was also asked to score his film The One Hour Photo however the studio (Fox) believed Reznor to be the wrong choice and subsequently decided that he was the wrong cho canned his soundtrack for the film. 

He also directed the music video to Jonny Cash's music video to his cover of NiN-Hurt, so obviously he has a fair amount of history with the band.
His music video for A Perfect Drug was very gothic with a blue tint to make it feel much darker visually colder too. The gothic one is something shared with the Closer video, both of which featuring abstract visuals, with Closers style helped via the 20's Film reel used for filming the video, giving it a more sepia feel.

The overall directing style seems very similar to that of Stanley Kubrick, with a strong focus on the surreal elements, I'd say especially with the 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

BH-News: Trent Reznor/ Atticus Ross

Trent Reznor has been nominated for his second  golden globe for his work on the soundtrack to the new The girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
This is the second time that he's been nominated for the awards.
On a slightly sadder note he's lost his Grammys but has said that he doesn't care about loosing them.