Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BH- The editing process/sample two

example of editing
The editing process on the video is one that's been through one, the sample footage measuring approx. 34 seconds.
The editing was more  fast paced than before which meant that we had to cut 10 mins of solid footage into around 34 seconds. The pace was very fast which meant that we had some issues with the amount of footage recorded but obviously with more footage we can afford to do some longer takes. The screen of final cut (left) is a neat example of how we created the video footage effect, combined with total desaturation. Also notice the frame around the footage which we dragged out to tighten the framing on some shots where the framing would detract form the image. Overall to get the 34 seconds- the editing must have taken around 7 hours overall to generate the desired effect. Of course to create the sample footage we exaggerated the special effects somewhat so that the more FX side of the video is on display, in the final video we expect the effects to come in somewhat more gradually rather than seemingly random- and create a much more even balance between the FX and the pure video footage.

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  1. some good info
    the group must, MUST now start to develop vodcasts on topics such as this - look at the Eval Qs and ask yourself what kind of material you'll need to gather then edit for those - its largely material you could/SHOULD be gathering as part of R+P blog


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