Sunday, 26 February 2012

BH- Filming (25/2/12)

So we managed to sly into the quarry to film, but safety was obviously paramount, it was a windy day and standing over a good drop with two people who are petrified of heights.
There are still one or two shots still to be filmed- we had to cut off short due to the fading light and absolute cold.Also cooked up a batch of fake blood to use in the coming shots, after all I'm sure you don't fall and land completely unharmed...To make the blood was fairly simple red food colouring and water- but then obviously that doesn't quite have the same thickness as blood so we added honey to give it that thickness. 
Overall a great session, but maybe not quite as much footage captured as I would have hoped for. Hence why we have another session planned for today.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

BH- Location, Location

To put it simply Bradford is the perfect location for the music video- not only as a former industrial town itself (not in that sense!) but as a town with a clash of different and opposing idea's- the old Victorian style which clashes with the more modern aspects of the town in a whole host of different locations. Then there's the Bolton Wood quarry, where the final 'section' of the music video takes place. And various sections are filmed very close to it.

So here is a shot of the quarry from an angle similar to our closing shots of the main narrative, obviously very high up with a near panoramic view of Bradford, ideal for a closing location, with this it's a case of how we fit everything we want into the frame rather than what we don't want in the frame.

 The location once again from a different angle, as you can see it lends itself to the look desolation and isolation, it looks quite far from locations nearby and generally a wide open space, now for obvious health and safety issues we can't film IN the quarry- which makes the ending problematic somewhat, as the final shots of the main narrative is a shot of the protagonist lying on the floor on the quarry, but luckily we can substitute here as the shot will be a close up/ extreme close up it makes it extremely easy to find an ideal location. 

Friday, 10 February 2012

BH- Updates!

So with the snow thwarting yet another film shoot, this has meant that we now have to film all the footage we need on Sunday 12th February 2012.  This means that we have a need to move fast to edit the footage, which means that we hope to have a new rough cut before 18th Feb so that we can do any urgent re-shoots in the following few days.
We're making strides with the mag ad however which gives  us more time to spend on the digipak- which also hangs on using images from the performance aspect of the video.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Group- Feedback received

Mag Ad:

  • The Mag Ad feedback received was that it was overall very good. However elements such as the font used seemed unusual and not as varied as it could be.
  • Replace the URL's with just icons- they're generally familiar with everyone.
  • Good enigma / lack of exposition- it looks obscure and in keeping with the Nine Inch Nails 'tone'.
  • The beware CCTV looks good and fits.
  • Framing of the candle seems to be good- fits with theme of the genre
  • Some of the blending between images (the solid lines between them)

Sample Footage(two):

  • The special effects worked
  • pace was good
  • good variation of shots
  • Some shots are on screen too long & are too jarring/ don't mesh well with the editing style.
  • Maybe even more enigma!
  • More could be done with the fire extinguisher (loop to beat?)
  • Shots of just the protagonists eyes would still maintain the enigma, or extreme close-ups.
  • Frames slipping would add to the damaged video effect. 

BH- Narrative aspects of the Music Video

In line with the updates to the video idea, the narrative has also evolved into something that will hinge itself onto the enigma, the mystery aspect. This means that it definitely will be very confusing on first viewing and intentionally so. To further this it'd we're using the editing software in the post production to create a heightened sense of enigma. The chief inspiration is Nine Inch Nails- Down In It

The overall arch for the narrative is that one person (possibly the only person in the music video) has become paranoid that he's being watched, through the webcam which is where it all starts then escalates from that point and as the video progresses on. 
So that the protagonist becomes immersed in this paranoia of being watched and things become increasingly messy with regards to visual editing, more emphasis on the broken video filter. Which gives the video a degraded look to it, with more shots showing the viewer things that don't fit with established style of the video so one example would be the illuminate eye as seen in the sample footage, this is going to evolve throughout until we show select parts of the filming process (shots where the camera is intentionally visible to the viewer), which ties into what we hope will be a twist ending- shots of someone editing the music video and leaving the room with a cut to static ( hints of the eye again) as the music fades away.
 We hope that this would tie into the idea of the music video as a product, but once again is an ambiguous and enigmatic item to place at the end, it asks the question as to whether the protagonist was paranoid? As well as our preferred reading of the video as a product of the media, something created and artificial in nature.