Thursday, 2 February 2012

BH- Narrative aspects of the Music Video

In line with the updates to the video idea, the narrative has also evolved into something that will hinge itself onto the enigma, the mystery aspect. This means that it definitely will be very confusing on first viewing and intentionally so. To further this it'd we're using the editing software in the post production to create a heightened sense of enigma. The chief inspiration is Nine Inch Nails- Down In It

The overall arch for the narrative is that one person (possibly the only person in the music video) has become paranoid that he's being watched, through the webcam which is where it all starts then escalates from that point and as the video progresses on. 
So that the protagonist becomes immersed in this paranoia of being watched and things become increasingly messy with regards to visual editing, more emphasis on the broken video filter. Which gives the video a degraded look to it, with more shots showing the viewer things that don't fit with established style of the video so one example would be the illuminate eye as seen in the sample footage, this is going to evolve throughout until we show select parts of the filming process (shots where the camera is intentionally visible to the viewer), which ties into what we hope will be a twist ending- shots of someone editing the music video and leaving the room with a cut to static ( hints of the eye again) as the music fades away.
 We hope that this would tie into the idea of the music video as a product, but once again is an ambiguous and enigmatic item to place at the end, it asks the question as to whether the protagonist was paranoid? As well as our preferred reading of the video as a product of the media, something created and artificial in nature.

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