Friday, 10 February 2012

BH- Updates!

So with the snow thwarting yet another film shoot, this has meant that we now have to film all the footage we need on Sunday 12th February 2012.  This means that we have a need to move fast to edit the footage, which means that we hope to have a new rough cut before 18th Feb so that we can do any urgent re-shoots in the following few days.
We're making strides with the mag ad however which gives  us more time to spend on the digipak- which also hangs on using images from the performance aspect of the video.


  1. 2 posts after 10 days of February...
    Come what may, snow or not, you can't afford another cancellation
    Also looks like you'll (in common with H-K) need at least one dedicated day just to get the blog in order and caught up; make sure you're each taking full advantage of group-work and sharing the workload (and clear on what specifically each is contributing)

  2. keep bLOGGING any and all changes/progress/news


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